Prospecting and Demand Creation

Prospecting and Funnel Management™ (PFM)

In today’s competitive business environment, few organizations are able to maintain or grow their business by simply fulfilling the demand that comes to them.  Proactive prospecting has become a survival issue for sales organizations.  PFM is aimed at providing sales people with a proven process, tools, and tactics for developing revenue from new opportunities with both new and existing customers.

  • Categorize and measure each and every sales contact within a patented, visually-oriented, easily managed tool.
  • Strategize, manage, and drive forward movement in the sales process.
  • Project productivity results accurately.
  • Hit income and revenue goals.
  • Master the most productive activities for demand creation.
  • Develop a compelling message that will create interest and involvement.
  • Gain access to key decision-makers.