Power Presentations

Delivering Powerful Presentations™ (DPP)

Many people approach formal group presentations the same way they approach making one-on-one presentations - which is a dangerous strategy. Group dynamics and audience diversity require heightened attention to detail and precision choreography to make the best possible impression. The packaging and delivery of your message are critical. If these two areas are flawed, it won't matter how good the content of your message is. Attention to detail and thorough prepartion are a must.

DPP addresses all of the critical components necessary to ensure a professional presentation. Topics covered range from managing attention distracters, to how to transition between presenters and topics, to where to seat participants. DPP will provide participants with the critical strategies and practical feedback to become topnotch presenters. DPP also deals with the significant differences between presenting and facilitating for those organizations involved with conducting professional learning experiences for employees or constituents. As a result of participating in the DPP program, participants will:

  • Become highly skilled at the critical elements required for making impactful professional presentations.
  • Embrace the importance of how to organize, prepare, and execute the various elements of a successful group presentation.
  • Utilize a templated, concrete process to follow when presenting or facilitating.
  • Acquire the knowledge and skills to be most productive when in front of important decision-making groups.
  • Discover how to engage all participants in the experience by considering individual needs.