Journey to Successful Negotiations

Journey to Successful Negotiations™ (JSN)

The challenge of negotiating for sales people is to achieve certain financial and operational goals while preserving long-term relationships with clients and prospects. Conveying a positive, confident position relative to the negotiation process can overcome this challenge with extremely positive results. JSN empowers your people to achieve these objectives while making the negotiating process a relationship-enhancing experience. Through the principles and techniques of JSN, participants learn how to effectively:

  • Understand when and how to position themselves for success in negotiations.
  • Identify, understand, and respond to negotiating challenges and opportunities throughout the client's decision-making process.
  • Overcome the various games, tactics, and ploys companies utilize to gain an advantage in negotiating.
  • Elevate negotiations - and overall business relationships - from the competitive level to the more productive cooperative and collaborative levels.
  • Leverage seven key sources of power prior to entering a negotiation process.
  • Support and protect the interests and policies of the client's organization and their own.
  • Weigh the economic advantages and disadvantages of various negotiating situations.
  • Positively influence the tone and substance of negotiations and guide them toward optimal outcomes for both parties.