Financial Literacy

Understanding Profitability Levers™ (UPL)

While all employees recognize that they impact revenues and costs on a daily basis, few understand the true magnitude of that impact on the company's bottom line. UPL is an experiential workshop for non-financially oriented individuals that focuses on how everyone affects the profitability and overall health of an organization. This highly interactive, three-phased program engages participants in a realistic business simulation, an enlightening "1% Difference" discussion, and a customized application exercise.

UPL clearly illustrates the importance of teamwork in generating results in a real and practical way by showing the impact of this cooperation on the company's financial health. After completing UPL, participants will develop action plans to accomplish goals such as increasing margin, reducing expenses, growing revenues, improving customer retention, and improving asset utilization. As a result of participating in the UPL program, employees will:

  • Understand how money flows through your organization and how profits are derived.
  • Realize the importance of cash flow, cost reduction, sales growth, and margin improvement.
  • Appreciate how seemingly small decisions have a multiplier affect on the bottom line.
  • See how all areas of an organization - sales, service, production, distribution, purchasing, or accounting - can affect the company's bottom line.
  • Identify specific actions they can take to improve the profitability of your company.
  • Be able to analyze the outcomes of various risk and reward decisions.
  • Understand basic financial principles and their ability to affect them.