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Revisit a Journey

Would you like to revisit the content from your previous Journey Learning program?

We would love to send you information that will help you and your colleagues review the content from the program.  Resources range from PowerPoint® slides, to audio files, white papers, suggested activities, or “memory joggers”.  Just send an e-mail to
with the following information*:

Your Name
Your Title
Your Company Name
Your Mailing Address

(including City, State and Zip)
Your Contact Phone Number
Your E-mail Address
(in case someone else is sending this info for you.)

IMPORTANT: Include a note in the body of the e-mail identifying the program you attended, the location, and the dates. 

* If possible, just attach your v-card to the e-mail = that should provide us the info we need.

We will then send you the files you need to revisit and reinforce the concepts from the program.

Thanks so much for allowing us to assist in the investment you are making toward achieving performance improvement in your career.  We look forward to assisting you on your continuing Journey to realizing success!