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The Write Start™ (TWS)

Good business correspondence needs to be clear and concise. But clarity and brevity alone won't sell your ideas, your products, or your services. TWS goes one step beyond basic business writing. Participants learn how to write with power, professionalism and impact. Executives, managers, sales people, and anyone who relies on written words to communicate effectively will benefit from TWS. This engaging and practical workshop will help participants understand:

  • Why an academic writing style does not work for business.
  • How to sound professional and interesting.
  • How to be persuasive.
  • Where to incorporate visual elements such as headings, bullets, and white space.
  • How to organize complex information.
  • Why tone is so important.
  • What to do to take less time to write.
  • Which techniques to use to stand out in the crowd.
  • How to stop being wordy.