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Behavioral Interviewing™ (BI)

One of the most expensive aspects of employee-dependent businesses is turnover. Consider the amount of time, money, and resources invested in finding and training people before they become a profitable investment, and you quickly realize how important it is to find the right people as quickly and efficiently as possible. Compound that situation with the multitude of placement agencies, internet resources, and professional coaches all focused on helping prospective employees find and secure "the right job." We know as well as you do how challenging it is to sift through the multitude of people and data available to find the candidates who will best complement your team.

Past performance predicts future behavior better than anything. In fact, studies show that behavioral interviewing techniques are five times more reliable at determining quality employees than old-fashioned interviewing techniques. With BI, we make the process of evaluating candidates and their capabilities more quantifiable, and therefore more cost effective and reliable. Based on developing indepth, purposeful questions and following a scientific process, BI will help participants:

  • Sift through the mass of candidates and information to determine potential winners.
  • Develop quality questions that will reveal critical data about past performance and give insight to probable future behavior.
  • Better utilize their time interviewing only those candidates who demonstrate high potential.
  • Create a process that will not only screen for quality employees, but will begin a chain of desired behavior and understood expectations for those new employees.