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About Journey Learning

Journey Learning
partners with client organizations where relationship development and strategic planning and execution are important. We have had great success improving skills, productivity, and profitability in the following business environments: industrial, manufacturing, distribution, pharmaceuticals, biotech, medical supplies, utility companies, telecommunications, software services, financial services, and design and construction firms. The diversity of our client base is a testimony to the broad applicability of our technology.

A measurable advantage of Journey Learning programs is the ability to customize the content to your organization's unique environment. Journey Learning can incorporate specific language, best practices, and company philosophies into the learning experience to achieve greater synergy with your existing corporate culture.

Journey Learning
utilizes an experiential learning method that is highly engaging and very impactful. Discussion sessions, audio and video presentations, application exercises, and reference readings provide a variety of delivery media to meet the varied learning styles of participants. Simulated real-world experiences are a key component so participants can practice new skills and transfer learnings back to their business worlds. Team competitions and energizers help to maintain a fun environment throughout. A typical engagement activity is a traditional workshop experience lasting between one and two days. Options exist for Journey Learning to facilitate the programs or for clients to achieve certification for in-house delivery.

For maximum impact and return on your investment, Journey Learning provides a variety of reinforcement resources to assure the program concepts and techniques are foremost in your people's minds so as to positively impact behaviors. Individual and group resources include: support literature, audio and video reviews, scripted review exercises, performance feedback tools, web-based assessment and application activities, and on-the-job "memory joggers".

Outstanding facilitation experience, solid content, real-world application, and easy-to-use reinforcementresources are what make Journey Learning programs exceptional and guarantee lasting results.

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